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KAYLIN | February 2016 Artist of the Month Winner!

by CA Marshall
Editor | Starlight Music Chronicles

In yet another exciting addition as *something NEW* to our Artist of the Month (AOM) Competitions with Starlight Music Chronicles, our SECOND winner for February 2016 is 17 year old Kaylin Roberson who hails from North Carolina and takes it to a ‘New Level’: Her original content is refreshing and the kind of ‘Pull at the Heartstrings’ emotional  sound which is truly captivating. But I don’t need to sit here ‘selling’ you on this lovely young songstress, her music speaks for itself. Make sure you check out her page for the month of February 2016 on our website to connect or simply click onto her social media links below to discover more about her.

*Note: In addition, Kaylin will also be in attendance at our first ever Starlight Music Concert in Edmonton, Alberta in June 2016!

At nine years old, Kaylin survived a vicious dog attack that left her repairing more than just surface wounds, she entered into an emotional healing journey and has sought solace through her music and original scores. Songs like ‘Sad But True’ and ‘Life Must Go On’ are a testament to this. Read on for our exclusive interview with Kaylin here:

SMC - Hello Kaylin! We would first off like to congratulate you on this epic win for the Starlight Music Chronicles (SMC) February 2016 Artist of the Month (AOM) ! Can you tell us a little bit about your thoughts on this win?

KAYLIN - First off I would like to give a warm thank you to everyone who supported me and my music throughout this journey. Words can’t begin to explain how happy it makes me, to see that there is a community of people that came together to support all of the artists. It’s a true honor to have won.

SMC - We know that the voting throughout the competition kept you in the lead spot for 95% of the duration of the competition. How do you feel about your supporters in comparison to your competition supporters MALAYA?

KAYLIN - I think Malaya is equally an amazing artist, who has an equally strong support system. In the beginning I may have had the leading number of votes, but she pulled through at the end. It was great to see both of us getting constant love from our fans.

SMC - So tell us in your words about your musical timeline and how you came to know that you were meant to be a musician?

KAYLIN - It’s quite simple. I’ve always been drawn to music. I listen to music when I get up in the morning to get ready, I listen to music when I’m sleeping on long car rides, I listen to music while I’m doing schoolwork. Music is healing to me and always has, and will continue to be apart of my life. The more I perform and share my passion for music, the more I fall in love with it.

SMC - What are all of the instruments that you can play?

KAYLIN - I’ve been playing piano since I was 5, and am now fiddling with the guitar, and the Cajon.

SMC - Do you have any siblings?

KAYLIN - I have a 19-year-old sister who goes to App State University. We get along much better now that we’re older, and she has always been a huge supporter of my music.

SMC - How old are you at present and how do you feel about your accomplishments at this time?

KAYLIN - I am currently seventeen, which in my eyes is the perfect time to really get momentum in this business. I think I’ve accomplished a ton, and have a great platform to start growing upon. Not many 17 year olds can say they have accomplished as much as I have, and it’ll only get better from here.

SMC - Can you tell us about one of the most satisfying moments in your music career to date?

KAYLIN - There have been many satisfying moments in my career so far but my most satisfying was when I got the privilege to sing at an orphanage in San Antonio. I was in the area on an Anti-bullying tour, and with some free time on our hands we decided to take the tour to an orphanage. The room was filled with a lot of hopeless kids, and it was so satisfying to see that I was able to inspire them to do what they love no matter what their conditions my be. I specifically touched one girl, who walked up to me in tears after the performance and told me how much it meant to her that I came. Being the grand prizewinner of a competition will never satisfy me as much as that moment.

SMC - Where would you like to go with your career - meaning: What is important for you to personally accomplish as a musician?

KAYLIN - I’d like to take my career to its highest peak. I just hope to continue making my own music that people can relate to and hopefully that will lead me to more glorious opportunities.

SMC - After the AOM competition was over, how did you react when you saw it posted that the decision was made to host TWO AOM winners for February?

KAYLIN - Seeing that there were two winners this year, put the biggest grin on my face. I’m so against competition, and am a true believer that there can be more than one winner out there.

SMC - In the history of our AOM competition there has never been any two artists/bands that were actually only as little as five votes apart when the clock struck midnight. Were you or your family awake to see what was happening all the way to the end?

KAYLIN - I’m sure my parents would love to tell you how stressful it was to stay up and watch the numbers bounce back and forth. I on the other hand went to bed.

SMC - Can you tell us a little bit about your association to the Live 4 Tay foundation?

KAYLIN - The Live 4 Tay foundation means a lot to my family, because my dad’s friend started it as a result of her daughter, Taylor Filorimo’s death from cancer. I  love to see them fight against cancer. They’ve found an amazing way to positively turn things around.

SMC - We know that you personally have overcome some challenges of your own surviving a dog attack and we are sure you get asked a lot about how you have evolved from this to where you are today? Who are the Key people who helped you get through that time?

KAYLIN - I give lots of credit to my mom, my dad, my sister, and my two best friends for helping me get through healing. There was much more damage done emotionally, than there was physically, and they were there every step of the way, and continue to be.

SMC - We often hear how music has saved many people whether they are a fan or an Artist. How has music helped you?

KAYLIN - Music heals me every time I listen to it, and I’ve begun to realize that writing music is equally, if not more healing. Whether it was the dog attack, heartbreak, a stressful day, or even a happy one music is my outlet.

SMC - Who among your music peer group do you admire?

KAYLIN -  I admire those in my musical peer group that are attempting to do the same that I am. My friends Brooke, Rory, Dave, and Kacey Tyndall, inspire me more than the celebrities. It’s fun to watch my peers grow as we all help each other out. Nothing works better than teamwork.

SMC - If you could do a collaboration with your dream Artist, who would that be?

KAYLIN - I would collaborate with Sam Hunt if I had one artist to choose from. He got his name heard by doing the same thing that I’ve been doing, writing. His music is so unique compared to other country songs, but remains tasteful.

SMC - What does the next six months look like for career plans?

KAYLIN - The next six months of my career are going to be super exciting. There’s going to be a lot of new originals coming out, and I can’t wait to tour around to different places and share them.

SMC - We LOVED your Justin Bieber cover of 'Love Yourself' that was uploaded to your YouTube channel on the 11th of January. We see that you already have over 3000 views! How do you feel about the response from this? In all honesty, you sang it way better than Bieber....

KAYLIN - Thank you so much! It’s great to watch my views go up and to see all of the amazing responses. It motivates me to put out more videos like that.

SMC- What have been some of the challenges you have faced in the industry and how did you overcome them?

KAYLIN - The music industry is a complicated and dangerous thing to be involved in. I’ve been scammed for money many times, and I’ve learned that not everyone you meet is going to be on your side. It’s important to know who is truly interested in investing in your career.

SMC - What has been your most flattering 'fan' moment to date?

KAYLIN - My most flattering fan moment was when I heard that a group of elementary school kids made a Kaylin club at their school and invited me to sing at their fifth grade graduation.

SMC - Rumor has it you are going to be attending the Starlight Music Concert in June for Morgan's Mission ( what are your thoughts on MM?

KAYLIN - Morgan’s mission is such an inspiring organization that helps me again realize how much I love what I do. I’m all about preventing bullying in schools to prevent suicide, it’s my job it’s what I do. When I read the story about Morgan it was a wake up call, that horrible stuff like what happened to her, happens to kids every day.

SMC - In relation to the last question, can you tell us what it means to support organizations that deal with something as serious as Teen Suicide Awareness?

KAYLIN - I personally have friends that have been suicidal and know that it’s hard, even as an outsider, to feel so hopeless and alone. The way my personality is, I’ve never let people put me down. I always stood up for people as a kid, even if they weren’t my friends. No one should be bullied so I’m honored to be part of such organizations.

SMC - Final question and we always like to ask this of all of our Artists because each answer is so diverse: if you could give advice to anyone starting a career in the music industry, what would that be?

KAYLIN - Dear future superstars, stay true to who you are and follow your heart, not your mind, and constantly remind yourself of your purpose as an artist.

SMC - Thank you Kaylin!

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