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Olivia Penalva | January 2016 Artist of the Month Winner!

by CA Marshall

Happy New Year! We can\t think of a better way to begin the Starlight Music Chronicles year other than showcasing our January 2016 Artist of the Month (AOM) Winner, Olivia Penalva. This young lady hails from Vernon, British Columbia with strong French (father) and German (mother) roots. In fact, at the time of this interview, she was in Lyon, France celebrating New Years Eve with her Father’s Family there.

Since discovering Olivia via the Reverbnation Contest hosted by Bongo Boy TV ( and sponsored by Starlight Music Chronicles, it has been a steady uphill climb for this young Recording Artist. She won a spot on the Television show in October 2015 and then participated in our December 2015 AOM competition. After her defeat for the December competition, Olivia applied again for the January 2016 AOM and won. We have to say that it is a testament to this young lady’s already positive and sunny outlook for her to have gotten right back up on that success train and give it another go. To see her win was even more thrilling as we have had Artists compete more than once and not make the cut as AOM. Suffice to say, Olivia is more than a winner, she is a leader in many respects, paving the path for other Artists in her demonstration of sheer determination and belief in herself.

Here’s the scoop:

SMC - Wow Olivia! You are truly a remarkable story and everyone is talking about your win for this month's Artist of the Month(AOM) spot. We are happy to host you as our First Ever AOM of the Year! How do you feel about this win as compared to other contests that you have participated in?

Olivia - Thank you so much Candice. I am super happy to have won Artist of the Month for January 2016.!!!  I was already excited to participate last month and was up against some great talent, so I was definitely not disappointed to have come in 4th. I have been fortunate to have been part of several music competitions over the last few years and of course it is always great to win, but I have learnt early on to enjoy the process and that not coming first does not mean I did not gain something from the competition. Last month, contributor Randy Wayne Belt, interviewed me for Starlight Music Chronicles magazine and he was so supportive and complimentary about my music, that new fans started to discover me and communicate with me. So I really think part of why I won this time was thanks to your support of me and these new amazing fans. It sure feels great to win and for so many reasons. It is nice to see my fan base growing and have my music liked and appreciated by new people, and it is also super cool to be part of Starlight Music Chronicles blog and website that comes from winning this competition.  

SMC - Olivia, can you tell us a little bit about your musical timeline to give our readers a fresh perspective on what made you the Artist you are today?

Olivia - Well I always loved singing and dancing but it wasn't until I started singing lessons at age 11 that I realized how much I loved music. I loved it so much I took lessons a couple times a week and then entered a local music talent competition. After placing in the top 12, I started to get little gigs around my community, and fell in love with performing as well. I did not want to just be good at singing other people's music, and so decided I should try to write my own. It was pretty hard at first, but by age 12 I released my first two singles, and by age 13 I released my first album called Rainfall. It felt amazing, one of the songs on that album even won top 15 in the Teen category of the International Song Writing Competition. I decided to host a CD release concert here in Vernon to introduce my album and myself to my community, and was blown away when it sold out! I was hooked. By then I was so lucky to have caught the attention of Sony/ATV writer Andrew Allen and his wife Julia Allen, who became my managers. They are amazing and thanks to their guidance over the last 2 years, I have been fortunate to work with and song write with so many amazing musicians like Brian West (Maroon 5, Nelly Furtado) who produced my last single, Ferris Wheel in LA, and Josh Cumbee (Madonna, Janet Jackson) with whom I co wrote a song called Forgettable which was released by Canadian DJ duo DJ Project 46 on their album Beautiful. I am very grateful for each and every opportunity that is put in front of me and I know how fortunate I am able to be where I am doing what I do.

SMC - When I congratulated you on the 28th of December, you mentioned you are in Paris! What's happening there?

Olivia - Right now I am actually in a beautiful city called Lyon in France. My dad is from here and all of his family still lives here so I love coming back here and visiting with everyone and eating all the amazing food and looking at all the old buildings and pretty things. Just before we arrived in France, we made a week long pit stop in Edinburgh, Scotland to spend Christmas with my cousins who live there. So needless to say it has been a truly wonderful holiday!!

SMC - How old are you?

Olivia - I am now 15 and soon to be 16 in April, which I am pretty excited about because I can get my learners license and start driving!! Not sure if my parents are excited about that though!!

SMC - Do you have any wishes for your future you'd like to personally achieve before your next Birthday?

Olivia - Yes!! I always have goals I am setting for myself whether it is with music or school. This winter I have lots of cool music stuff happening.... So stay tuned because there just may be the most awesome single coming out before my birthday.

SMC - How about your Music Career in the next 6 months? What’s happening in that time?

Olivia - I have a bunch of cool music stuff happening this winter which includes producing and releasing some new singles. I am very excited about that. I will be working and song writing with my amazingly talented friend Robin Ghosh who co-wrote on Ferris Wheel and my Christmas singles, Christmas for Two. I also have some cool gigs coming up including a francophone festival and working in a super cool studio on the island with a Grammy winning producer.  I also have some cool video and photo shoots coming up.

SMC - How about the next Year?

Olivia - Well I am pretty sure I know what I am up to in the next 6 months, as for after that, I guess I can say that I will continue working and go where the music and opportunities take me. I love making music and performing music, so whether it be making new covers for my YouTube page, or singing at private events, concerts, or festivals, I am sure you can find me somewhere!!

SMC - What is your long - term goals for you personally and in your career say, 5 and 10 years from now?

Olivia - I could answer and say music, music, music, as that is the future I see for myself. I would love to make a living writing songs and performing. If I could do that I would be set. I am excited to see where my music takes me.

SMC - Speaking of travel, what places have you traveled to and which are your most favorite and why?

Olivia - I love travel, but I also love coming home to Vernon. I have been super lucky to have a dad from France and a mom whose family comes from Germany, so I grew up spending a lot of time in Europe. My parents love to travel, so they dragged my sister and brother and I all over.  We all love going to Hawaii as well as it feels great to put your feet in the sand and smell that sweet Hawaiian air. Hard to say where I love it the most as each destination offers sow thing different. I guess I love the food and culture of Europe and the hot beautiful weather of Hawaii. Music has brought me to new places in Canada which has been really cool as well as a lot of people don't purposefully travel in Canada. Everyone seems to want to elsewhere. But last year I was invited to perform in Ottawa and had so much fun, and then went to Toronto and around BC on a radio tour and loved that too.

SMC - What song of your own is your favorite and why?

Olivia - I really really love the song Forgettable that I co wrote last year in LA, which was released in July by  DJ Project 46. It is a very emotional and uplifting song that I think is really relevant to people and especially teens who feel a little lost and alone. Everyone matters and I think this song makes people feel that. I am also crazy about one of my new ones that are coming out this winter. It has such an uplifting message as well. It just makes you feel important.

SMC - This AOM competition is now in its 6th month and we will be competing for Artist of the Year with all of the winners from Last August 2015 until July 2016. You are placed halfway through the competition at this point. What are your thoughts on, say, an Artist from the beginning of these competitions to the winner in July 2016 as far as advantage for winning the Artist of the Year title?

Olivia - Hard to say but I think it is awesome that we all get to be in a competition together! At this point it probably won't matter who comes out on top.

SMC - There has been a string of successes that have followed you as of late. Can you tell us a little about those achievements and what they mean to you?

Olivia - I have been so very lucky. I am so aware of all of that. I have songs that have been recognized by song writing competitions, songs that have been added to albums being released by well established musicians, worked with amazing musicians, been nominated for several competitions such as radio emerging artist for my song Ferris Wheel, YouTube artists of the month by an Australian magazine, top 10 female in she's the one Competition at the Ottawa Blues Fest, top 20 song on the Canadian Radio charts for Christmas For Two, Ferris Wheel being chosen do by Bongo Boy TV to air on NBC TV in the US... So many amazing things!!! I am especially proud of my team of supporters which include my managers Andrew and Julia Allen, my Publicist Sera Roadnight of MT Press, my radio tracker Oscar Furtado, my parents...

SMC - As you know we have affiliations with Morgan`s Mission ( and we see that you have also joined the Page on Facebook for Morgan`s Mission. What are your thoughts on combining the Music Industry with a sensitive subject like Morgan`s Mission and what it stands for (Here is the Page`s Mission Statement from the Dunbar Family: Morgan's Mission was created after we lost our daughter to the effects of cyber bullying. We are bringing awareness to bullying, mental health and suicide.`)

Olivia - I think Music is a great way to bring attention and awareness to these issues. Music brings people together, makes people feel better, and can uplift you when you feel down.  It is already hard enough to be a teen, let alone struggle with cyber bullying, mental health issues, and suicide. So if music can have a place in helping people, then definitely I am all for it and being a part of that process.

SMC - We are also hosting a Starlight Music Concert in June of 2016 where many Artists from all over the globe will be participating. We hope to help raise money to brighten and strengthen the talent that many youth and teens suffering with depression, PTSD, mental illness, and suicidal thoughts by channeling through the Arts as a means to cope. What are your thoughts on this?

Olivia - I think this is wonderful. Art is such a great way for us to express ourselves and our emotions, and I think it is awesome that SMC is hosting a concert to support that. If I can be there and help out, I will definitely make that happen.

SMC - What organizations, if any, do you support and why?

Olivia - When I wrote Fight For You I was thinking about some struggles that people must be going through in their lives. I was only 13 but remember seeing homeless people in my city during a really cold spell and was really affected by that. I checked around my community to see who was helping provide food and shelter and approached the Salvation Army of BC. So 100% of the proceeds of the sale of Fight For You on iTunes go to the Salvation Army of BC. I have being doing this for two years now and will continue to help as much as I can.

SMC - What do you believe to be the biggest accomplishment a Recording Artist can make in their Career. Meaning: what is most important to you? (other than the obvious: getting signed by a label)

Olivia - Getting signed by a label is definitely an achievement for any artists for sure. And of course that would be pretty awesome, but if I can make a living making and performing music, then I think I will be pretty happy.

SMC - Which leads to our next question: Do you prefer to remain an Indie Artist or would you prefer to be signed to a label? We have heard positives and negatives from Artists on both sides of the spectrum...

Olivia - I am pretty happy with the progress I have made so far without the help of a label. I have an amazingly supportive family, super awesome managers, an amazing publicist and radio promoter, and have so many talented and wonderful people who believe in me. So for now I can say that being an indie artist has been great for me. I am sure it would be great to have a label back your career, but that could be pretty stressful too as then it would feel like I had to live up to goals that I did not set for myself and not sure how I would feel about losing some control over my own career.  I am being patient and enjoying each stage of this industry and at 15 am pretty content right now with the balance between music, school, family and friends. Fun to see what the future holds!

SMC - What is a most recent `Greatest Moment` from one of your fans?

Olivia - I love getting messages from my fans!!! It is always so nice to get positive and supportive comments from them. I have some really great fans. I guess some cool moments recently came from people who heard Christmas For Two on the radio and looked me up or shazamed me then messaged me on YouTube to tell me they loved it and became a fan!! It feels so good to have your music get out there and affect people in a way that makes them want more of it.

SMC - Are you originally from British Columbia, Canada?

Olivia - Yes I was born in Vancouver BC and moved to Vernon BC when I was 9. I love living here. It is so beautiful, especially in the summer. 

SMC - Last Question: We always like to ask this one - What advice would you give one of your peers or a youth entering the Music Industry and hoping for a fruitful career?

Olivia - Well from my very short lived experiences so far, the best I can say is shoot for the moon but have a couple back up plans. Be prepared to work hard and don't quit when things don't go your way. You can't please everyone and you may not always get what you want, but often you get other cool things instead. If you love it, do it!

SMC- Thank you Olivia and Congratulations again!

Olivia - Thank you so much Candice and SMC for these opportunities, for this competition, and for all your support! 


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The Roxy Suicide | December 2015 Artist of the Month Winners!

Well All! It has been yet another FABULOUS competition for our current Artists of the Month The Roxy Suicide  and we are happy to bring you this interview for our Web platform that is connected to their WEB PAGE on our site: Please be sure to check the Bands social media links at the end of this article and take a moment to Congratulate them on a job well done as they are our first band/Artists to achieve the highest votes ever in the history of the competition! 

*Be sure to watch for stellar photos in the Upcoming SMC Holiday 2015 Magazine launching on December 9th featuring this interview and the band! 

With no further adieu, we shall proceed with our interview!

SMC - The Roxy Suicide! Welcome to Starlight Music Chronicles Magazine! We first met via the December 2015 SMC Artist of the Month competition and are pretty impressed with your win! Can you tell us a little bit more what your thoughts are about the event?

Dave: Yeah it’s great ya know? It has been a lot of fun. Typically, we pretty much have a “no contest” policy, but with Starlight we made an exception because the magazine has such an amazing reputation.

Roxy Roller: I think that since this event was all fan-based voting, it allowed us to get to know who our fans truly are and it allowed us to become a combined force to be reckoned with.

SMC - What positive do you think you walked away with from the competition?

Dave: I think something like this is a healthy cry to all our friends to rally around The Roxy Suicide. I don’t like calling people fans ‘cause I more consider them friends. Especially in this social media driven- white noise society, it’s reassuring that we could make personal contact to those who really care about us. This was a test to see if we could do that.

Roxy Roller: It was really nice to see affability between bands. It was also really gratifying to see our supporters stand behind us as a band. It encourages us to keep doing what we are doing and reminds us why we play music in the first place.

Ziggy: All the artists in the competition showed a lot of respect to each other. There was some good bickering between fans supporting their favorite band but that made things even more interesting and quite funny at times!!

SMC - For the sake of introducing you to our fan base, can you tell us all of your names and which instruments you play?

Dave: Yeah Sure. Dave Mansfield I play Bass and sing

OlieShox: Well, hello there Candice, I play Guitar in The Roxy Suicide. Name’s Olivia, but feel free to call me Olie or Shox or Olieshox.

Roxy Roller: Roxy Roller or Roxx for short. I play the synth.

Ziggy Starbux: I play the Drums.

SMC - Can you please tell us about the band itself and how you all came to be The Roxy Suicide?

Dave: Shox and myself had been playing together for about a year and a half but at that time she was on Bass and I was just lead singing. We were probably trying to be a bit like Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers or Dead Boys. We had a show booked with one of my teenage Idols Michael Monroe of Hanoi Rocks and our fill in drummer flaked out like a week before the show. Ziggy SBX contacted me and told me he had just bought a drum set and wanted to step up and keep us from having to cancel the show. He literally had one rehearsal with the band and had our set nailed down. I was really kinda bumming out because even though I have shared the stage with almost every hero of mine from Billy Idol to L7, Michael Monroe was a very personal and full circle accomplishment for me. From there I really wanted to solidify the line up with special people who were talented, looked cool, looked like they belonged in the same band and eliminate the revolving door of flake-o’s and drunks. It takes a special kind of person to run on the level that I have grown accustomed to over the years of touring the world with The Mansfields. So the last piece of the puzzle came when Roxy had moved over from founding the Pikes Peak Derby Dames Roller Derby League to buying a Roland synth. We were pretty much screwing around one day at rehearsal and we tried moving Shox over to guitar and I went back to Bass as I had in The Mansfields. With Roxy, she had no musical knowledge at the time but we tried working a song out that I had a riff for and by the end of rehearsal we had ‘Sex Bomb Babies’ and a new sound. Quite honestly it sort of came together accidentally, the set up and sound. It’s all a bit Paul McCartney and Wings with us. Linda McCartney was never a musician for starters but Paul knew the value of those synthesizer hooks. We utilize the instrument much the same way as Wings.

SMC - Would you say that your past work as The Mansfields in acquiring your fan base is what helped with the Fan Votes for this competition or is it more Roxy Suicide based?

Dave: It’s all relative right? I mean if the fan base was that big we would have had 10 times the number of votes right? Surprisingly, The Mansfields fan base doesn’t necessarily automatically love The Roxy Suicide. The Mansfields do a different thing musically and The Mansfields fans love The Mansfields for what they do. The Roxy Suicide has had to establish itself on its own accord. The music is just different…the aesthetic is completely different. Completely.

SMC - Loving the band name! Tell us a little more about that?

Roxy Roller: It’s a little bit glam and a little bit punk, which is what The Roxy Suicide is all about. There is a little bit of perversity lurking behind the glitter-pop shell that is The Roxy Suicide, which I think is nicely played out in the name.

Dave: I just wanted a classic kind of name like Rolling Stones or Motley Crue. Something that flowed with the right syllables. Plus I have always wanted to use the umlauts ever since I was a kid doodling Motley Crue Logos on my Biology notebook. If you look at our logo it was designed with a very similar look to the Too Fast For Love Logo.

SMC - I know it was mentioned a few times in the duration of the voting that you are an 'established' band, but in what ways do you feel you are unique as a band?

Roxy Roller: As a band that is currently working on a debut album, I would hardly call us established. We have seen some radio play, but we are still a new band. I think what makes The Roxy Suicide unique is the fact that we are not afraid of blending all of our influences together to create an original sound. I think we are pushing boundaries that need to be pushed, all while still writing fast, energetic 3 chord songs similar to those bands we all grew up with and love. There is a simplicity to our music that I think makes it sound effortless.

Dave: I agree with Roxy on the established tag. To me, and mind you this is just me, but a band that has yet to produce a debut full length album just can’t be an “established” band. We are known for sure but I feel like we are in the process of establishing this band.

SMC - Are there any things that set you apart from the other bands competing?

Dave: Every band in this competition was unique to one another. I thought every single artist in this competition was fabulous.

SMC - We also saw that you are being spun buy KROQ's Rodney Bingenheimer in Los Angeles, which is fantastic! Can you tell us a little about the reception you have gotten from that by fans?

Dave: Rodney has been absolutely incredible with his support. He was, is and will always be the Mayor of the Sunset Strip. Anyone who has not seen the film made about Rodney needs to see it immediately. If you are a fan of music, history and pop culture, you will be blown away by Rodney’s life experiences. So with that said, his impact has been enormous. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of Rodney at least a time or two, that’s how much he has meant to me. I am proud to call him a friend. He is my friend.

SMC - What do you feel you lend to your music that makes The Roxy Suicide 'Special' and 'Unique'?

OlieShox: We all share the same love for the variety of music that influenced us to begin The Roxy Suicide. We all have different backgrounds in different genres, from punk rock and rockabilly, to alternative and acoustic. However, I don’t feel  that it’s me, necessarily lending a certain talent or style to the music as an individual, rather than getting to create wonderful sounds with some of my best pals. We all pull in our own personalities, which is what makes this project so unique.

Roxy Roller: The Roxy Suicide does not have a lead guitar sound. We incorporate the synth as a “lead” instrument, which I think gives the band a distinctive flavor.

Dave: The members of the group are what make it unique. I grew up looking at groups like Hanoi Rocks, Ramones, Motley, Sex Pistols. The idea that when these bands were gonna come to your city to play a concert, you were excited mostly because you were gonna get to share an  hour in their presence. An hour of breathing the same air. But most importantly, you knew who you were gonna be spending that hour with. The members are what mattered. That, and the amazing music. I would like to see more bands with special characters in them quite frankly.

SMC - Do you have any plans to perform anywhere for New Years?

Dave: No. Never been a big fan of playing on New Years.

SMC - What does the next six months look like for the band?

Roxy Roller: The next 6 months will be full of a lot of writing, recording, mixing and rehearsing. Right now, our primary focus is on finishing our album. We are very excited to get our debut full length out into the world.

SMC - What does the next six months look like for live performances?

Roxy Roller: We play the Whiskey a Go-Go in L.A in February. We are very thrilled to be sharing the stage with Michael Monroe again. Michael and Hanoi Rocks is a major influence in both style and music.

SMC - What is your favorite 'Go-to' music?

Roxy Roller: Hooks, it’s all about good hooks. I am a huge fan of 80s new wave and 70s glitter rock.
Dave: Stuff that never fails me includes ABBA, Beatles, Ramones. I love a lot of Pop Music from the 70’s and 80’s.

Ziggy: I listen to a wide range of music, but of course New York Dolls and Ramones would top that list. Hanoi Rocks is another, Razzle was such a great drummer. Also Michael Monroe's last 3 solo albums are flat out amazing! I'm also a huge Oasis fan. They may not be considered a punk band but in shear attitude, Noel and Liam are far more punk than people realize. And the songs, my God, the songs!!!

SMC - Have you ever had any cool fan experiences?

Ziggy: Anytime I hear positive feedback from a fan is a cool experience for me! Whether it's someone saying "hey great set" after a show or telling us they play our music all the time at home or in the car, whatever, that's what it's about, we made someone happy with our music and that makes me smile.
Roxy Roller: yeah, like we played a record store once in Denver (Black and Read) and some very young boys got to see us play. They were super excited and wanted all of our stickers to put on their skate boards. We took pictures and signed a bunch of promos for them. You could feel the vivacity and fervor radiating from them, which was refreshing to see. I think they were only about 8 or 10. It was awesome.

Dave: I have had so many amazing experiences over the years but there is one that I always think of. I was on tour in Europe in 2004 with The Mansfields. We were playing in Berlin at Wild at Heart. The place was beyond capacity and the dressing room is at one end of the venue and stage at the other so moving around in there was impossible. So we are in the dressing room when a guy from the venue comes in and says that there is a guy out here who knows us from Colorado. So I asked the guy to bring him in and it turned out to be a German kid from Berlin who had been coming to our local shows in Colorado the previous year. He was an exchange student experiencing his first punk Rock shows in the US and was now back home in Berlin. He said he was waiting months for our show. What a small world this really is.

SMC - Have you ever had any weird fan experiences?

Roxy Roller: Nothing a little “block” couldn’t fix.

Dave: I have a weird fan experience at least once a week. Sometimes it really freaks me out.

SMC - Tell us a little about your thoughts on album releases. We are finding that Artists are seeing it more and more beneficial to release one song as a 'single' prior to their big album releases as opposed to years ago when it was the other way around. Do you also adopt that in place with your releases?

Roxy Roller: I think that releasing one or two singles before a major album is released is helpful. It primes the pump so to speak. Especially as a new band, I think it allows people to get a taste for the band and the direction that the music is going. I think it also generates interest and gets people excited about the album release.

Dave: We have been applying the “every song on our debut album should be a single” theory. We started releasing singles in June 2014. I think we have put out 6 so far. Not all of them are going on the album, and the ones that are have been re-recorded or re-mixed. It has been a super good strategy because unlike releasing an album where maybe one or two songs will get played at radio, every one of those singles have been played and all of them have made their debut on Rodney on the ROQ, Rodney Bingenheimer’s legendary radio show on KROQ Los Angeles. Not bad for a little band from Denver.

SMC - What demographic (age/country) is your loyal fan base so far?

Dave: Man who knows? It’s hard to tell. I’d always like to see more kids at the shows. I’d like to think there is a generation of kids who are connecting with something real, honest and exciting. Loud guitars and high energy never really go out of style.

SMC - Where would be your 'perfect' venue to perform in?

Roxy Roller: I like the Gothic Theatre in Denver. I am not big on playing outdoors or during the day. I like my rock n roll a little darker and dirtier than that.

Dave: Doesn’t matter to me if it’s the stadiums of the world or a Tuff Shed in Medford, Oregon where The Mansfields once had one of the most amazing nights ever. As long as there’s enough people to have a party “we’ll bring the jams” as Spicoli would say.

SMC - Last question: What would you say to the next generation of Recording Artists as words of advice about the industry?

Roxy Roller: I am new to playing music and I’m still learning about the industry myself. My advice would be to play music because you love it first, the rest is just icing on the cake, and a lot of it is out of your control.

Ziggy: Just do what you do. Stick to your guns and don't try to jump on some musical trend.

Dave: Keep the rights to it, get it on the radio and don’t fucking stop. You can’t win it if you ain’t

in it. Mansfield out!


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NOHC | November 2015 Artist of the Month Winners!

NOHC - Photo Courtesy of NOHC Management

And just like the very first snowfall, the magic and spark that Indie Artsts NOHC (pronounced: "knock") have brought to the table for Starlight Music Chronicles Second Season of the journey for the Artist of the Month. We have already completed our first three winners circle wrap up in the Starlight Music Chronicles Issue 1 | October 2015 Magazine launch with much enthusiasm and success and already we are gearing up for the December 2015 SMC Artist of the Month competition and the Artist who are submitting have much credential behind their names much like NOHC. 

We are excited to bring a new genre to our Magazine and NOHC is just the band to do it! We won't give anything away in this first intro of their feature except to say that their energy and positive vibe is very enlightening and their enigmatic 'gravity pull' towards the surface of the sun makes them not only a dynamic burst of Energy, they are the first BAND EVER to win the Artist of the Month Competition. So, essentially, they have made Starlight Music Chronicles history with accomplishing this feat!

Let's get to the good stuff shall we?


Interview with Indie Artists NOHC via CA Marshall | Editor | Starlight Music Chronicles

SMC - Can you please give us your full names for your fans or are they Stage Names?
{chose to stick to marketing our stage names}
NOHC- NOHC - NOHC (pron. "knock"), we are an edm trio.  Meet Brandon, "DJ ZML" - DJ/Producer, Suzanne Real – Vocals, and Kris Von – Guitarist/Sampler.

SMC - How old are all the members of the band?
NOHC- uh hemm (cough, cough), 20s now and always :)

SMC - What inspired the name NOHC? I read that it is the chemical make-up of the adrenaline in the human body? It's an amazing name and easy to remember. Can you tell me a little bit more about it?
NOHC- That's exactly what it is.  When we started writing, we went through a few different name ideas.  But when Suzanne mentioned NOHC and its ties to Science and adrenaline, we knew it was the perfect fit for a high energy group like ourselves.

SMC - What is the most fun you've had on stage and at what venue?
NOHC- Every venue is fun for different reasons.  We are still growing and developing as a group, so every live show we play is the most fun because we are finding new ways to present our material and work as a team on stage.

SMC - You played the Dewey Beach Music Conference 2015. Can you tell us a little more about the event and how you felt about the success of your performance there?
NOHC- We were invited to play at Dewey Beach's Popfest earlier in the Summer.  We liked the atmosphere, they gladly liked us and welcomed us for their DBMC 2015 for a 3-day weekend.  NOHC was supposed to play once during that weekend (like most of the 100 acts are "supposed" to).  Then we were put on to play twice.  Then finally they said, "Okay, really, would you, could you play an acoustic set besides your edm performance as well?"  So, we agreed to 3!  Well let us tell you that this lead us to performing 5, yep ... a record total of 5 times in that 3-day weekend. 

SMC - Who do you find is the age group that listens to your music?
NOHC- This is an interesting question because we definitely believe that our core fans are between 18-25, those that enjoy electronic music.  But we want a broader audience and it's why we feel fortunate that we can perform acoustically and appeal to different people and fans of different genres.

SMC - What is your coolest fan experience to date? And....We always like to ask this one: what is your weirdest fan experience?
NOHC- Can answer both of these.  All cool! Nothing weird at all.  To tell ya, we actually become even bigger fans of our fans.  You see, we support our supporters!!

SMC - How do you feel about winning the Starlight Music Chronicles Artist of the Month Competition for November 2015?
NOHC- It's a real honor.  Thank you for creating something inspiring and meaningful @Starlight Music Chronicles.  Music is a great community as it also comes along with great effort and hard work to be noticed.  The support of family, friends, and fans to help give us this title over the other great artists in the running makes us feel great. 

SMC - How do you feel about your fan support?
NOHC- Amazing!  Growing, and we are truly grateful for their all of their love.

SMC - What projects can we look forward to in the near future?
NOHC- We are currently preparing a 4 track remix EP of our single "Here For You", which will include 3 remixes and our first ever acoustic release.

SMC - What song do you feel is your greatest accomplishment to date and why?
NOHC- Every song has found us pushing ourselves to write better, record better, mix better etc., and we feel that we grow every time we put a new track together. Our most recent single "Here For You" is very special because it was written as a dedication and support for our teachers involved with Special Needs Education.  100% of all the sales of the song goes directly to support public education for children in the Autism spectrum between the ages 3 to 18 benefiting the Valley Program Foundation.  We encourage you all to please to to iTunes to search NOHC or simply click here:

SMC - How do you feel about your performance at Webster Hall? That's some pretty serious stuff! Many of the greats have played there.
NOHC-We believe it was our best performance to date.  The energy in the room and the excitement of playing at the famous Webster Hall definitely came through.  Our show has transformed in many ways in the year and half we have been performing and we feel that we are now really finding ourselves and our energy on stage together.

SMC - Do you ever have disagreements as a band?
NOHC- Of course, we are 3 strong personalities with a lot of opinions and passion for what we do.  Everything from songwriting, to set lists, down to the images and pictures that adorn our websites can lead to disagreements.  What is important is that we have strong communication and we can disagree respectfully and come together to get an answer without any bad feelings between members.

SMC - What is your relationship among one another in the band?
NOHC- We are all close...Brandon and Kris have been in a couple of bands together prior to NOHC.  Suzanne and Kris are not only band mates but they are also engaged!

SMC- Can you name 5 things that your fans DON'T know about you?
1. We record and mix all of our tracks at Brandon's home studio.
2. We have 8 songs fully written and recorded but only have 2 released to date.
3. We all play multiple instruments.
4. We all write music and lyrics for the group.
5. Only Brandon had prior experience as a DJ and in electronic music prior to the group forming.

SMC - Who is your ultimate inspiration?
NOHC- The group was founded largely because of Swedish House Mafia and their incredible legacy in the EDM scene.

SMC - Where does the band reside mainly?
NOHC- New York, NY

SMC - How do you feel with support among you industry peer group?
NOHC- Having played at several music fests, we see all the camaraderie and awesome support we all share and have for one another.  We watch their shows and cheer them on as they do for us as well.

SMC - What is the biggest crowd you have performed in front of?
NOHC- Pretty much going back to every venue has its own special feeling about them, we've played for crowds big and small and all.  I guess, we pretty much give you our best performance no matter for who, where, and when. 

SMC - When was the 'Pivitol' moment for the band. Meaning: at what point in time/experience in your career demonstrated to you that NOHC would be the success it is today?
NOHC- When we wrote our first single "Fly," it was the the first track we decided to have Suzanne sing on and the second she brought the lyrics and melodies to the group, we all knew we had something special.

SMC - Any Awards and Accomplishments?
NOHC- We made history w/ an unheard-of 5 total performances in a 3-day perf. weekend at Dewey Beach Music Conference 2015.  And notably, you all for creating this award and us winning it! Thank you to our family, friends, and fans as well as Starlight Music Chronicles for honoring us with SMC's Artist of the Month, November 2015.

SMC - Which country would you say you have your most supportive fan base?
NOHC- The good ol' USA!!

SMC - Are there going to be any collaborations with any other Artists (like a Guest appearance) in any of your songs?
NOHC-We have multiple tracks in the works with our good friend Martron.  He is a super talented Musician and Producer, he contributed a track to our upcoming "Here For You" remix EP, and he has a track in the works featuring Suzanne on vocals.  We also did a remix of "Fly" featuring our boy Stillamess rapping on the bridge.  We perform it live at many of our shows with him.

SMC - What deciding factor for each of you make you decide on the EDM genre?
NOHC-A lot of it came down to our prior bands falling apart and recognizing that it is tough to find committed musicians.  We all enjoy  music and the growing EDM scene and decided that instead of getting 4, 5, or 6 members together for a band, we could work better and more efficiently with the 3 of us, plus be able to have more control over our music since we produce it ourselves.

SMC - How long have each of you been playing?
NOHC- Brandon and Suzanne have been playing most of their lives while Kris has been playing for just over a decade now.

SMC - Have any of the band members performed with any other bands?
NOHC- Yes, before NOHC, Suzanne fronted a blues/rock band simply called 'Suzanne Real' while Kris and Brandon played together in a hardcore band called 'Shake That Bear'.  It was during "Shake That Bear's" performance at the 2012 Bamboozle Festival that Kris and Brandon actually met Suzanne.

SMC - How do you feel about the energy in the Artist of the Month Competition for Starlight Music Chronicles?
NOHC- Love seeing the Artists and all of their supporters engaging and supporting within this channel you created.  It is informative and helpful when it comes to networking.

SMC - How do you feel about competing with 11 other bands/Artists next July for Artist of the Year?
NOHC- Sounds fun!  We all win within the wonderful world of music.  Best of Luck to all the Artists.

SMC - How do you feel about being referred to as SMC Artist of the Month Alumni?
NOHC- Feels nice!  Ahhh, like a league of our own.  jk

SMC - How many years have you been together as a band officially?
NOHC-We have been together as a band for 2 and a half years.

SMC - Any plans for the holidays? Performance-wise?
NOHC- Nothing on calendar.  Please do stay tuned and we're happy to share and talk to you on on any of these:
(NOHC Official Site)

SMC - What would you say is the most 'unique' quality that your band has that is different from any other band in your genre?
NOHC-Our most unique quality and biggest strength is our "live" aspect and versatility.  DJ's like Tiesto, Avicii, Skrillex, etc. are all very talented, but simply do what they do well, DJ'ing when performing.  We are able to not just DJ but also feature Suzanne's vocals live as well as guitar work, percussion and sampling during live shows.  On top of that, we can easily transition to performing acoustically, another aspect that other DJs can't or won't do at their shows.

SMC - What kind of support have you received from family and friends?
NOHC-Endless support and love from our friends and family.  They see our passion and drive and do what they can to help spread our music to others.

SMC - I am sure you have seen that SMC is affiliated with two amazing organizations: Morgans' Mission and ProjectCuddle what are your thoughts on our support for these organizations and the awareness we are bringing to them through music? Meaning: do you believe that there are many artists who have been faced with these sorts of struggles and can relate on some level to the messages behind these organizations?
NOHC - Individuals in general are constantly faced with struggles.  Many more severe than others.  Whether someone is an artist or not is irrelevant, we are all humans and need to be aware of abuse and bullying and how it affects others.  We feel very fortunate to get to perform on stage and be showcased in publications, but we also recognize that it’s an opportunity to bring people together and promote love and acceptance amongst fans and peers.

SMC - Finally, where do you see ourselves in a year from now?

NOHC - Still performing, just on even bigger stages and to more fans.  We love what we do.

For more information on NOHC, Please check out their Page on Our Website: 

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Shay Esposito | October 2015 Artist of the Month Winner!

It seems as though the month of September came and went like a swift breeze on a hot summers day: gentle and welcome with a lovely impact and result. I suppose, this would be one of many ways to describe Edmonton, Alberta, Canadian born Indie Pop Artist Shay Esposito. There are many facets to this young lady who has begun blazing a trail so bright that all of her friends, family, fans, and supporters voted her as the Winner of the October 2015 Starlight Music Chronicles Artist of the Month competition. One of the biggest ways that Shay has connected to her fans is through the reality of her own life experiences (see Hope Through Music Below) and it is her empathetic nature that she has been able to not only heal through her own music, but also to touch the lives of others with the same struggles she has been working to overcome.

Shay is our third Artist of the Month for Starlight MusicChronicles and we couldn’t be more proud to have such another lovely addition to what is becoming one of the most talked about and exciting Indie Music Competitions on a global scale. Shay will be featured alongside her peers and previous month’s winners: Olivia Rose (August 2015 Winner), and Matt Warface –IAMWARFACE (September 2015 Winner) in our first inaugural Starlight Music Chronicles Magazine which launches just prior to Halloween 2015.

In addition, Shay will be competing with past and future alumni in July of next year for the Artist of the Year competition for yearlong promotion on the Starlight Music Chronicles Website as well as our quarterly Magazine. We are very excited to have Shay as part of our Artist Alumni and look forward to supporting her musical journey!

Congrats Shay!

CA Marshall | Editor  
Starlight Music Chronicles


Shay Esposito: HopeThrough Music
Shay isn’t just a singer; she is a gifted lyricist, a poetry lover, and motivational speaker. Her lyrics come from her soul and have great meaning and depth. She is a poet who is gifted with a beautiful voice. There is no greater joy for her then taking her poetry and arranging it into a song to share with the world. She has merged her love of singing with her love of writing, which culminated in the release of “For Annie,” her first full-length album of eight songs in June 2014. Her song writing has already been noticed in the industry, as she made semi-finalist in the International Song writing Competition, the finals in the UK Song writing Competition, and the Top 5 in the It’s Your Shot competition. Shay is an inspirational speaker, giving talks on the important topic of youth mental health. Having suffered from depression and anxiety from a young age, she has a unique ability to reach out and connect with other teens suffering from this illness. She speaks out on a topic that most teens shy away from and suffer with in silence. As a result of Shay’s experiences and desire to bring awareness to this very real issue, she has been invited to speak and perform at several conference events. Some of the topics Shay speaks about are: depression and anxiety, self-harm, peer pressure, bullying, warning signs, self-help, confidence building, coping mechanisms: music, writing, sports, other youth-specific issues as requested, self-help, and confidence building.

The Program
Shay loves sharing her message of strength and hope with youth. Her presentation can include a talk and may be accompanied by a performance of a few original songs or a mini concert. She can present to large audiences in a dedicated assembly, or small classes on specific topics in a more intimate setting. Her program fits well with schools’ wellness days, and with health class curricula covering mental health issues and other mental health organization presentations. Shay does not ask for a fee for her presentation, but requests a small honorarium/donation to cover travel costs. When at a speaking venue, Shay would like to have access to a secure room to store her belongings and warm up her voice. Standard for vocalists, please provide Shay with fresh, room temperature water.

The Interview - October 3rd
Starlight Music Chronicles | Shay Esposito

SMC - What is your family origin? Did you grow up in Edmonton?

Shay -  I was born in St. Albert and moved out to a small town called Calahoo when I was six years old. I grew up and went to school in Sturgeon County.

SMC - How do you feel about being a part of the Starlight Music Chronicles Alumni?

Shay - I feel incredibly honored to have won and even have been considered for October’s Artist of the Month. I am so grateful to SMC and everybody that voted for me.

SMC -  What kinds of things do you hope to be able to promote in your month-long feature on SMC?

Shay -  I hope to promote mental health awareness as well as myself as an artist and motivational speaker.

SMC -  How many public speaking events have you been to to date?

Shay -  In the last year I have spoken/performed at between 15- 20 events

SMC - Where were they?

Shay -  Most of my speaking/performing opportunities have been within schools in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. Although I have presented at schools and conferences throughout Alberta. I spoke at a Conference called Dream Big (a conference to empower young women,) Shaping the Future (a conference put on by Ever Active Schools catering to health care Practitioners and educators), Stories that Matter (an event to celebrate sharing stories of success for teens, The Jack Satellite Summit (a student led organization to bring awareness to mental illness and suicide prevention) and at several health and wellness summits hosted by schools within the education system.

SMC -  What satisfaction do you get out of your public speaking engagements?

Shay - It’s a very heart-warming feeling to know that I am making a difference in the lives of those that have been suffering with mental illness. It aids my own healing as well knowing that I can make a difference.

SMC - What is you most favorite song for getting your point across about teens suffering with bullying, mental health issues, or suicidal thoughts?

Shay - My favorite song to share is I See Everything, off of my album For Annie because it speaks directly from my darkest days and I think it’s relatable to anyone that has ever felt different.

SMC - What advise do you have for teens struggling every day with this?

Shay - My advice is to start living life for yourself. Start doing what makes you happy and forget about what other people think. Focus on your own well being because that’s the only way you’ll truly be able to help yourself.

SMC - What was your coping mechanism?

Shay -  My coping mechanism was making music. Singing and writing was my outlet for me and it’s how I released all of the emotions I couldn’t talk about.

SMC - Who was your mentor?

Shay - I have had may mentors over the years, vocal coaches, friends, family, my sister and of course my parents. I can’t really pick just one. I wouldn’t be where I am without the guidance and support of every person in my life.

SMC - Who is your music mentor?

Shay - I would say my biggest music mentor is Trey Mills. He is an artist manager and Juno nominated producer. He really believes in me and has been an amazing friend and invaluable source of information. He produced my album and I rely heavily on him for guidance in this crazy music industry.

SMC - Who have you written a song with lately?

Shay - I have been writing all of my songs on my own. My producer has helped me with some arrangements and melodies but the lyrics are all mine. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to do any co-writing.

SMC -  Is there any new music we can look for coming out in the next few months?

Shay - We have a few songs that are nearly finished, with a few more in production. Hopefully I will have some new music out for my fans soon!

SMC - Are there any exciting tours you can leak any information about?

Shay - I just confirmed a gig in Winnipeg. I have been invited to sing a song or two with Robb Nash at an arena show in November. Robb is one of my biggest inspirations so to be able perform with him is going to be amazing. I have also recently booked a 5-school tour in northern Alberta the end of November which I am pretty excited about.

SMC -  Who is your most favorite person to collaborate to date with and why?

Shay -  I haven’t done a lot of collaborations yet. I have really only worked with my producer Trey Mills. I do love working with him, he understands me and how I think and we really work well together.

SMC - Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Shay - I would love to do a collaboration with the band La Dispute. I think they are amazing writers and their lyrics are really captivating. To be able to work with them would be a dream come true.

SMC - What would be your dream tour as an opening act?

Shay -  I would love to be an opening act to a band like Paramore, or a singer like Lana Del Ray, or any of those amazing female powerhouses with unique voices and unique styles.

SMC - Who are your influences?

Shay - Lyrically, I would say my influences come from a band called La Dispute. They are powerful and clever writers and they set the bar that I hope to reach with my own writing some day. Vocally, I would say Hayley Williams of Paramore is a great influence.

SMC - How has your family been supportive?

Shay -  My family has always been very supportive and invested in my music, coming to all of my shows and always looking for more gigs for me to play, paying for years of vocal lessons and driving me all over the city for workshops and performances. I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive family to back me on such an up and down path.

SMC - How do you feel about competing with 11 other winning Artists of the Month next year for a year-long free promo spot on Starlight Music Chronicles?

Shay - I’m excited to be a part of it and I’m going to give it my all!

SMC -  Have you song written with anyone before and if so, who is your fave?

Shay - I haven’t had an opportunity to write with anyone else yet. The hard thing about co-writing, is finding a middle ground between too drastically different artists. There are a lot of artists in my area but stylistically it’s tough to find someone similar to me. That being said, I would love to give it a try.

SMC - What was/is your coolest fan experience?

Shay - My coolest fan experience was after a speech and performance I did in Grand Prairie as a junior high school. There was this group of girls that just latched on to me after the show like I was a friend they’d known their whole lives. It’s a great feeling because that shows me that I really connected with them on stage and I got through to them on an emotional level.

SMC - What was your worst or scariest fan experience?

Shay - My scariest fan experiences have all happened over twitter. I’m sure everyone can relate to this. Guys are very direct and very creepy over twitter.

SMC - Tell us 5 things that no one knows about you

Shay - Five things that no one knows about me.
1. I love to take baths. They’re my favorite pastime, I seriously take one
every day. I will put off going out with my friends because I haven’t
taken a bath yet that day. I will refuse my Dad’s amazing cooking
because I want to take a bath.
2. I’m an anime fangirl. Always have been, always will be.
3. I’m terrified of moths. And I mean terrified.
4. I’m in love with penguins. I want like at least eight.
5. While all of that makes me sound like a dainty little fragile girl, I’m also one of the most fiercely protective people you will ever meet. That means you do not mess with the people close to me because I will end you.

SMC-  Who would you like to thank for getting you to where you are today?

Shay - I would like to thank my parents and my sister for always supporting me and pushing me to work hard. Bernard Quilala for being my vocal coach for years and helping me realize my sound. Trey Mills, my producer, for being a great mentor and friend throughout our working together. Bryan Hetherman for seeing potential in me and putting me in touch with the people I needed to take my career to the next level. And finally, every fan, friend, or family member that has ever believed in me and stood by me whenever I needed them. Thank you!

SMC - What would you call your fashion edge?

Shay - I honestly don’t know, I’m pretty hopeless when it comes to fashion. Maybe that’s my edge. “I don’t know what I’m doing but it’s kind of working for me!”

SMC - Any tattoos? If so, what are they are what are their meanings?

Shay - I have one tattoo (so far) and it’s a bow on my left index finger. I got it to represent a promise I’d made to myself to never self-harm again.

SMC -  What have you noticed is your audience range?

Shay - My audience range is fairly broad. I’ve found that I can direct my music at teens, and gain an even larger following by enveloping their family members, parents, teacher and peers into that equation.

SMC -  Any new videos coming out soon?

Shay -  Right now I am working on some my EP so that is going to take priority. Once my EP is done I would love to create a music video for one of my songs. That said if the right opportunity presented itself to do a new video on one of my current songs I would seriously consider it.

SMC - What qualities do you dislike in others?

Shay- Pretentiousness, the need to demean, the need to feel superior, and general selfishness.

SMC - What qualities do you admire?

Shay - I admire honesty. “Honest” is probably one of the hardest descriptions to pin to someone without any doubt.

SMC - Do you feel you have gotten a lot of peer support over the years?

Shay - Peer support is tough because when you’re growing up, your peers don’t want to see you succeed more than they have succeeded. That being said, I have a few very close friends that have supported me unendingly from the very start. Those are the type of friends you shouldn’t ever let go of.

SMC - How was/is it like attending school knowing your vocation? Are your friends supportive of your career choice?

Shay - My friends are very supportive. That’s why they’re my friends. In high school, you meet people that have common interests with you, and I spent all of my time with the music kids because they understood me and supported me. Everyone always has those few people that don’t believe in them or think they’re not going to succeed, and maybe it’s worse when you’re still in high school, but it’s easy to ignore when you have as good of friends as I did.

SMC - What advice would you give to children or teens wanting to pursue a career in the music industry or the arts?

 Shay -  My advice is find your own unique style and do what you love, because the trick to making people love you is making them feel the passion that you have for your art. If you can share that, captivate people and make them feel something, then you’re already a pro and you don’t need any advice from me.

SMC - Where do you plan on touring with your public speaking campaigns in the future?

Shay - I would like to do a cross-Canada tour. That’s my first goal because if I can touch a nation, I can change an entire generation’s views on mental illness.

SMC - Name three quirky things about yourself that fans would find interesting

Shay - Three quirky things about me:
1. I am obsessed with the Legend of Zelda. I’ve played Twilight Princess seven times. The only Zelda games I haven’t played are the Gameboy advance games because I never had one BUT I’m an adult now and I can buy myself a Gameboy advance so just you wait.
2. I love books. They’re the perfect escape. Also, I fall in love with book characters and I am not ashamed.
3. If you haven’t caught on already, I’m actually a real dweeb and the fact that so many people tell me “it’s so ‘cool’ that you’re a singer” and “oh you’re a public speaker? ‘cool!’” is actually hysterical to me. If only they knew.

SMC - What is the first five songs playing in your iPod?

Shay -  Alright, I shuffled my music and these are the first five songs to play. (1) Skeleton Key by Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s (2) Self-Disclosure by A Bullet for Pretty Boy (3) Windows by Awolnation (4) In Your Eyes by Kate Boy (5) Million Dollar Man by Lana Del Ray.

SMC - If you had to do it all over again, would you? What would you differently?

Shay - I wouldn’t do anything over again. Every mistake I’ve made has made me who I am, and I like who I am today.

SMC - How do you feel about winning October Artist of the Month AND being featured in the first ever Edition of Starlight Music Chronicles Magazine?

 Shay - I am so excited and so grateful to be a part of this, and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks so much to SMC for this wonderful opportunity and to everyone that voted for me!

SMC  - Are there any final words or things you would like to share with your fans?

Shay - Just thank you for supporting me, I wouldn’t be where I am today without all of my amazing family and friends and I feel incredibly honored to know that you’re all rooting for me!


Upcoming Live Show Dates for Shay Esposito:

October 10th - Judge the Grand Finals - Edmonton Singing Competition
October 27th - Emcee, speaker and performer and HASS (Healthy Active School Symposium)
October - November - 5 day tour Northern Alberta Schools - dates TBA
November 16th, 2015 - Invited to sing on stage with Robb Nash at one of his concerts.


BIO (as per the Artist`s website)

Shay Esposito – Bio Shay Esposito has been singing and writing her entire life. She has had the honor of singing at many fundraising events, helping to raise money for various charities and has become a strong advocate in the youth mental health movement. In 2013, 15-year old Esposito became the youngest Artist to receive a Rawlco Radio 10k20 Project Grant. As a result, Shay recorded and released her debut album in June, 2014 and has gone on to receive worldwide recognition. Esposito was nominated for “Best Underage Recording of the year” - Edmonton Music Awards, 2013, “Rising Star” – Edmonton Music Awards, 2014 & 2015, “Rising Star,” semi finalist in the 2013 & 2014 International Songwriting Competition, and her song “Medication” was a finalist in the 2014 UK Songwriting Competition. Esposito was also a Top 5 Finalist in Canada’s “It’s Your Shot” Songwriter Competition which is run by Slaight Music, in partnership with Warner Music Canada. In addition to singing and songwriting, Esposito is an inspirational speaker, speaking to teens, educators and healthcare practitioners on the importance of being yourself, following your dreams, never giving up, anxiety, mental illness, and depression. She believes strongly that by sharing her own struggle, perseverance and triumph over depression and anxiety she can bring some awareness to the issues surrounding youth mental health. Shay was a keynote speaker for the Dream Big conference and Shaping the Future conference as well as the Jack Satellite Summit. She has traveled throughout Alberta speaking to students and educators in the school setting about this very important topic. As a result of her work she has been nominated for Alberta’s Great Kids award in addition to Emerging artist – St. Albert Mayor’s Recognition of the Arts Award. Esposito is a gifted singer, and thoughtful lyricist with an important message for her peers. Her lyrics are honest and real and touch on subjects more typically uncommon in popular music. Big things are in the future for this young artist.

Shay`s Social Media:

Twitter: @Shay_Esposito