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IAMWARFACE | September 2015 Artist of the Month Winner!

Editors Note | CA Marshall

This competition was FIERCE! Not in the way that there were any people getting hurt or malice, rather, it was the FUN kind! The Starlight Music Chronicles Artist of the Month competitions have only been running for two months now and the pandemonium that has ensued has gotten seriously intense. The first month for the competition which ran throughout the month of July 2015 for the August 2015 winner was the calm before the storm. The 10 Indie Artists were very quiet on the event page and guests were content to watch as Starlight Music Chronicles posted the Artist info throughout the month and as gracefully as it swept in, our August 2015 Artist of the Month Olivia Rose gracefully swept into her role as winner of the competition.

Then August happened. Registrations for the August Artist of the Month competition were like horses kicking at the barn door! To be honest, we had all 10 Indie Artists registered by the end of July and ready for voting! Since these contests run until the 27th of each month (to allow for interviews and changeover on the website for the new reigning Artist of the Month) fans, friends, and family had almost four weeks of straight voting! In fact, when we made the voting poll live just after midnight August 1st, the voters were off to a running start!

So what made this month so much more intense than last month? Once Artists realized they were able to promote themselves along with us, Banners, Videos, Posters, you name it, they made it! (see banner by this month’s winner IAMWARFACE below as well as a fan video graciously donated for this article by Elodia Gahan!). In addition, Artists camaraderie had also begun. It was really nice to see all of the competitors complimenting and congratulating and friending one another on facebook while the contest was STILL RUNNING!

So here we are, another month has passed and we are now launching IAMWARFACE (aka: Matt Warface to his nearest and dearest) as the reigning champion of the September 2015 Starlight Music Chronicles Artist of the Month. To be fair, a huge shout out needs to go out to the other Artists who took the time to compete in this competition such as: Rachel Woznow, Olivia Wik, MichaelResin, Lynda LAW, Jerry Hull, Mohsin Zaman, Three Beards, Brian Mackey, and Lunden Reign. (Please click on their names to check out their fan pages on facebook!)

Now, here’s where we get to congratulate Matt (Warface) for his title as Winner of the September 2015 Artist of the Month Competition. His loyal fan base has been waiting for this moment since he signed up for the contest and have been sending their applause all the way around the world. We are very pleased with his enthusiasm, candor, talent, great sense of humor (come on! He’s British, who are notorious for their awesome sense of humor!), determination and excellence in his craft, and most of all his Sportsmanship – he was completely graceful and considerate throughout the competition (as were all the others) and it is this kind of persona which will carry this Artist very far in his career.

So, without further adieu, let’s get on with our formal interview!

SMC Interview with Matt Warface | IAMWARFACE
August 30th, 2015

SMC: How old are you?

Matt: 31

SMC: Where are you originally from?

Matt: I've always lived in and around the Twickenham/greater London area, famous for its world class rugby team! JUST MOVED TO BRIGHTON BABY!!!

SMC: What is your music history? Meaning: where did you first begin playing and picking up music?

Matt: Well, I guess it began when I did a job for a guy who was a drum teacher. I was eager to learn drums, so in exchange he gave me lessons. Apparently I was a natural. Played for around 5 years. It was only when after seeing Scott Weiland from STP perform that inspired me to become a front man. The rest is history.

SMC: What would you say is the best description of your genre? These days, some Artists use a combination of titles....

Matt: Dark Avant-Garde electro rock

SMC: What makes IAMWARFACE unique/stand out/unique?

Matt: I don't care if I fall into a category or not. But, who can say? That's not a question for me to answer. I'll leave that to the listeners.

SMC: What is your loyal fan base and where do they span in what countries?

Matt: Mostly I'd say Germany, Russia, USA, and the UK

SMC: What is your first weird fan experience?

"I got stalked in North Carolina by a very overzealous fan who thought I was Jim Morrison reincarnated. Really freaked me out when she asked me to make out with her and her boyfriend in the local grave yard! She even followed me back to my hotel room, crying and sobbing like a mad woman. I ended up hiding under a big blue tarpaulin until she left. Was very scary. I was a quivering wreck. Lol."

SMC: List 10 things about you that no one knows?

Matt: I have double jointed fingers. I can hold my breath for 2 minutes. I suffer from mild Tourette's syndrome, I regularly have panic attacks, I often have baths that last for hours, I love animals, I have a raging foot fetish, I hate Brussel sprouts, I hate most TV, I love humans.

SMC: When did you first learn of the Artist of the Month Competition?

MATT: I honestly can't remember! I think it was on Twitter. I just remember a pretty young lady asking me if I would like to enter!

SMC: Would you recommend it to any Indie Artists wishing for exposure globally? And if so, why?

Matt: Absolutely! Just for the fact that it's run in a very professional manner and very supportive of the artists!

SMC: What kinds of things are you going to be promoting on you new page throughout September? Any cool videos, projects, etc you would like to share?

Matt: Well, I will be releasing a single that will accompany a video in mid to late October, the song is Fear The Future. I'm still waiting on a final edit of the video but it really is something quite special! Very David Lynchian!

SMC: What is your coolest fan moment?

Matt: Just happened last night! I was at SW4 festival and got recognised by a stranger shouting "IAMWARFACE!!!!"

SMC: Who inspires you to keep you motivated?

Matt: Life inspires me! If I didn't have my music or art as an outlet I'd have gone mad years ago!

SMC: I was reading that you are a solo band. However, I have seen some You Tube videos of a band playing with you. Are they part of IAMWARFACE?

Matt: I am a solo project. I basically write, perform, record and produce most of my tracks. For live purposes, I use backing tracks, my brother Stephen is an awesome drummer, and playing bass and guitar is Richie a lovely chap! They are both very talented!

SMC: What was it like growing up where you live? Did you have a lot of family support?

"My family have always been behind me but they think I should concentrate on a proper job. It was pretty boring where I grew up. Not much in the way of music scene or excitement. I wasted time pranking people and getting arrested for silly things like dressing up as a ninja at 3 in the morning and stealing milk bottles."

SMC: How do you feel about the growing rate of teenage suicide/mental disorders/ depression in young adults these days? Is there a message through your music or a personal experience you could tell to the youth of the next generation that might give them hope or inspire them in some way? I am not sure if you are familiar, but SMC works with Morgan’s Mission, which is a family who began their quest to bring awareness to schools and teens about the serious effects of teen suicide (the family lost their twin sister/daughter at the age of 13. Bailey Dunbar is our Teen Writer for SMC and she has been using it as a wonderful outlet for her grieving process and she is a phenomenal writer too! She was Morgan’s twin sister)

"Wow, she sounds like an amazing strong person! Bless her. It's a difficult subject to get your head around, as each person is completely different and has different reasons for being depressed. Young people are led to believe that there's no hope and no future! The media do like remind us of this fact! However, there are loads of things to be positive about! Listen to good music, surround yourself with good people, nurture friendships, be open and honest, look around at the world, turn off your TV, be creative, write, perform, never grow up, listen to your heart! I used to have regular panic attacks and I'm a little bi-polar, sometimes even waking up wishing I was dead! It's a horrible thought process. But, I have NEVER taken prescription drugs or anti-depressants! I try to stay away from bad foods and eat well. Feed the body with goodness and the mind will also be healthy! It's not always easy with a fast-paced life style. And I regularly fall into the trap of drinking too much or over indulging. I try to make time for myself and my thoughts, that's where my creativity comes from. I'm always struggling with life and it's challenges, but I know I'm not alone. That gives me strength."

SMC: What are your personal experiences /challenges within the music industry in the UK?

Matt: It's a strange place, these days, a lot of labels are scared to sign something that's a bit different in case it fails and they lose their job. The industry is in a state of flux, there's no real money to be made from the sales of albums anymore. It used to be that you'd tour to promote your albums, now it's the reverse, you write and record an album to promote your tour! Crazy!

SMC: How do you feel about winning this competition?

Matt: Well seeing as I've never won anything before, I was over the moon!!!!

SMC: What advice would you give to others in this competition based on your experience?

Matt: Just enjoy it! Go with the flow.

SMC: How many live shows have you performed at and where?

"Hundreds! In previous bands, played in North Carolina, New York, Isle of Skye festival with Kasabian and Echo and The Bunnymen to name a few. With IAMWARFACE, only one so far at the fledgling Into the Wild festival. I hope to play there again next year! Such an amazing location and the people are awesome! Best festival ever. I'm currently in the process of moving to Brighton on the south coast, so once I'm settled, I'm going to start booking more shows. Playing live is the best part of being in a band."

SMC:  Name ten things that you love about your Music.

Matt: I don't know if I can name ten things. What I can say is, I make music that I want to hear, so I tend to listen to my own music a lot of the time. That may sound narcissistic, but as I said, I make music I want to hear.

SMC: Name ten things you would like to change or improve in your music?

Matt: Sometimes I think my vocals don't sound genuine enough. I've been told that my sound is quite industrial. Well, I'd like to move away from that sound a tad, so I think that's down to the production. I'd like to hone my production skills more. I sometimes think I'm not being as honest as I can be.

SMC: How do you feel about the support SMC has given you so far?

Matt: Nothing but praise so far! Lovely people.

SMC: What’s next coming up in the next 6 months for IAMWARFACE?

Matt: More live shows, single release this year accompanied by my music video. Then hopefully festivals next year to coincide with the album launch in March/April.

SMC: What are your long term goals for IAMWARFACE? (1-5 years from now where would you like to be)?

Matt: World domination obviously!

SMC: What artist would you like to perform with?

Matt: Massive Attack.

SMC: What couldn’t you live without?

Matt: Oxygen. Food. Sunlight. Music. Star Wars and Indian food.

SMC: Fans always want to know this: What’s your favourite color? Food? Lucky Number?

Matt: Fave colour is red. Food, Sushi, Indian, English roast. Lucky number is 87

SMC: If you could thank for your career to the point where it is today, who would you thank?

Matt:  I would thank everyone that has believed in me and continued to support me up to this point.

SMC: Who are the biggest believers in your music?

Matt: My fans.

SMC: What is your most favorite thing to write about?

Matt: I'm a bit of a conspiracy theorist so anything to make people open their eyes and better this world. I also write very silly ridiculous verse. Completely bananas short stories about poltergeists with OCD or murderous idiot clowns. I'm also an avid artist and illustrator.

SMC: Would you say the Music Industry in the UK is very supportive of you?

Matt: So far, all good. A few snakes along the way though.

SMC: What is the camaraderie like among your peers?

Matt: Well, I know a lot is bands and we all support each other! It the only way to be. Also, Hank from Three Beards (who also entered this month’s competition) has since become a friend. He's a very cool guy.

SMC: What kind of personality are you?

"I’m like the Tasmanian devil: A whirling dervish. Busy going round and round in circles! My brain never stops. I'm a lover not a fighter. OCD. Bi-polar. Problems concentrating. Too trusting."

SMC: What is your most favourite clothing to wear – meaning what is your style?

Matt: Tight trousers, grungy tops and eye liner! Style is bohemian grunge pop.

SMC: Have you appeared in other contests or publications? If so, where?

Matt: Nope. This is the first.

SMC: Have you made new friends as a result of the Starlight Music Chronicles Artist of the Month Competition? 

Matt: Yes, Hank from Three Beards and the lovely CA Marshall.

SMC: Will we be seeing a video during your month long promotion for Artist of the Month. What song will it be for?

Matt: Yes I hope to have it ready in the next week or two. It's for 'Fear the Future'.

SMC: What are the first five fave songs on your iPod?

Matt: Queens of the Stone Age "Better Living Through Chemistry", Hans Zimmer "Time", Nero "My Eyes", Pendulum "The Island Part 2", Prince "Purple Rain"

SMC: Have you or do you plan of collaborating with any other artists in the upcoming months?

Matt: I'm doing a remix for a friend's band but I can't say who they are just yet. Also, working on a remix for my friend's band Suzerain.

SMC: What have you to say in closing this interview?

Matt: All I really want to say is, thank you to everyone that has been behind me and put up with my shit. Stay safe, stay connected!

*Keep Checking back on both the Starlight Music Chronicles Website as well as this Blogspot to see more updates throughout the month of September as we promote IAMWARFACE with more Videos and New Music! 

Editors Note: Starlight Music Chronicles would like to especially thank Karla Da Silva Photography for the images of Matt both in this feature as well as on the Official Artist of the Month Page on the Website.


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