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The Roxy Suicide | December 2015 Artist of the Month Winners!

Well All! It has been yet another FABULOUS competition for our current Artists of the Month The Roxy Suicide  and we are happy to bring you this interview for our Web platform that is connected to their WEB PAGE on our site: Please be sure to check the Bands social media links at the end of this article and take a moment to Congratulate them on a job well done as they are our first band/Artists to achieve the highest votes ever in the history of the competition! 

*Be sure to watch for stellar photos in the Upcoming SMC Holiday 2015 Magazine launching on December 9th featuring this interview and the band! 

With no further adieu, we shall proceed with our interview!

SMC - The Roxy Suicide! Welcome to Starlight Music Chronicles Magazine! We first met via the December 2015 SMC Artist of the Month competition and are pretty impressed with your win! Can you tell us a little bit more what your thoughts are about the event?

Dave: Yeah it’s great ya know? It has been a lot of fun. Typically, we pretty much have a “no contest” policy, but with Starlight we made an exception because the magazine has such an amazing reputation.

Roxy Roller: I think that since this event was all fan-based voting, it allowed us to get to know who our fans truly are and it allowed us to become a combined force to be reckoned with.

SMC - What positive do you think you walked away with from the competition?

Dave: I think something like this is a healthy cry to all our friends to rally around The Roxy Suicide. I don’t like calling people fans ‘cause I more consider them friends. Especially in this social media driven- white noise society, it’s reassuring that we could make personal contact to those who really care about us. This was a test to see if we could do that.

Roxy Roller: It was really nice to see affability between bands. It was also really gratifying to see our supporters stand behind us as a band. It encourages us to keep doing what we are doing and reminds us why we play music in the first place.

Ziggy: All the artists in the competition showed a lot of respect to each other. There was some good bickering between fans supporting their favorite band but that made things even more interesting and quite funny at times!!

SMC - For the sake of introducing you to our fan base, can you tell us all of your names and which instruments you play?

Dave: Yeah Sure. Dave Mansfield I play Bass and sing

OlieShox: Well, hello there Candice, I play Guitar in The Roxy Suicide. Name’s Olivia, but feel free to call me Olie or Shox or Olieshox.

Roxy Roller: Roxy Roller or Roxx for short. I play the synth.

Ziggy Starbux: I play the Drums.

SMC - Can you please tell us about the band itself and how you all came to be The Roxy Suicide?

Dave: Shox and myself had been playing together for about a year and a half but at that time she was on Bass and I was just lead singing. We were probably trying to be a bit like Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers or Dead Boys. We had a show booked with one of my teenage Idols Michael Monroe of Hanoi Rocks and our fill in drummer flaked out like a week before the show. Ziggy SBX contacted me and told me he had just bought a drum set and wanted to step up and keep us from having to cancel the show. He literally had one rehearsal with the band and had our set nailed down. I was really kinda bumming out because even though I have shared the stage with almost every hero of mine from Billy Idol to L7, Michael Monroe was a very personal and full circle accomplishment for me. From there I really wanted to solidify the line up with special people who were talented, looked cool, looked like they belonged in the same band and eliminate the revolving door of flake-o’s and drunks. It takes a special kind of person to run on the level that I have grown accustomed to over the years of touring the world with The Mansfields. So the last piece of the puzzle came when Roxy had moved over from founding the Pikes Peak Derby Dames Roller Derby League to buying a Roland synth. We were pretty much screwing around one day at rehearsal and we tried moving Shox over to guitar and I went back to Bass as I had in The Mansfields. With Roxy, she had no musical knowledge at the time but we tried working a song out that I had a riff for and by the end of rehearsal we had ‘Sex Bomb Babies’ and a new sound. Quite honestly it sort of came together accidentally, the set up and sound. It’s all a bit Paul McCartney and Wings with us. Linda McCartney was never a musician for starters but Paul knew the value of those synthesizer hooks. We utilize the instrument much the same way as Wings.

SMC - Would you say that your past work as The Mansfields in acquiring your fan base is what helped with the Fan Votes for this competition or is it more Roxy Suicide based?

Dave: It’s all relative right? I mean if the fan base was that big we would have had 10 times the number of votes right? Surprisingly, The Mansfields fan base doesn’t necessarily automatically love The Roxy Suicide. The Mansfields do a different thing musically and The Mansfields fans love The Mansfields for what they do. The Roxy Suicide has had to establish itself on its own accord. The music is just different…the aesthetic is completely different. Completely.

SMC - Loving the band name! Tell us a little more about that?

Roxy Roller: It’s a little bit glam and a little bit punk, which is what The Roxy Suicide is all about. There is a little bit of perversity lurking behind the glitter-pop shell that is The Roxy Suicide, which I think is nicely played out in the name.

Dave: I just wanted a classic kind of name like Rolling Stones or Motley Crue. Something that flowed with the right syllables. Plus I have always wanted to use the umlauts ever since I was a kid doodling Motley Crue Logos on my Biology notebook. If you look at our logo it was designed with a very similar look to the Too Fast For Love Logo.

SMC - I know it was mentioned a few times in the duration of the voting that you are an 'established' band, but in what ways do you feel you are unique as a band?

Roxy Roller: As a band that is currently working on a debut album, I would hardly call us established. We have seen some radio play, but we are still a new band. I think what makes The Roxy Suicide unique is the fact that we are not afraid of blending all of our influences together to create an original sound. I think we are pushing boundaries that need to be pushed, all while still writing fast, energetic 3 chord songs similar to those bands we all grew up with and love. There is a simplicity to our music that I think makes it sound effortless.

Dave: I agree with Roxy on the established tag. To me, and mind you this is just me, but a band that has yet to produce a debut full length album just can’t be an “established” band. We are known for sure but I feel like we are in the process of establishing this band.

SMC - Are there any things that set you apart from the other bands competing?

Dave: Every band in this competition was unique to one another. I thought every single artist in this competition was fabulous.

SMC - We also saw that you are being spun buy KROQ's Rodney Bingenheimer in Los Angeles, which is fantastic! Can you tell us a little about the reception you have gotten from that by fans?

Dave: Rodney has been absolutely incredible with his support. He was, is and will always be the Mayor of the Sunset Strip. Anyone who has not seen the film made about Rodney needs to see it immediately. If you are a fan of music, history and pop culture, you will be blown away by Rodney’s life experiences. So with that said, his impact has been enormous. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of Rodney at least a time or two, that’s how much he has meant to me. I am proud to call him a friend. He is my friend.

SMC - What do you feel you lend to your music that makes The Roxy Suicide 'Special' and 'Unique'?

OlieShox: We all share the same love for the variety of music that influenced us to begin The Roxy Suicide. We all have different backgrounds in different genres, from punk rock and rockabilly, to alternative and acoustic. However, I don’t feel  that it’s me, necessarily lending a certain talent or style to the music as an individual, rather than getting to create wonderful sounds with some of my best pals. We all pull in our own personalities, which is what makes this project so unique.

Roxy Roller: The Roxy Suicide does not have a lead guitar sound. We incorporate the synth as a “lead” instrument, which I think gives the band a distinctive flavor.

Dave: The members of the group are what make it unique. I grew up looking at groups like Hanoi Rocks, Ramones, Motley, Sex Pistols. The idea that when these bands were gonna come to your city to play a concert, you were excited mostly because you were gonna get to share an  hour in their presence. An hour of breathing the same air. But most importantly, you knew who you were gonna be spending that hour with. The members are what mattered. That, and the amazing music. I would like to see more bands with special characters in them quite frankly.

SMC - Do you have any plans to perform anywhere for New Years?

Dave: No. Never been a big fan of playing on New Years.

SMC - What does the next six months look like for the band?

Roxy Roller: The next 6 months will be full of a lot of writing, recording, mixing and rehearsing. Right now, our primary focus is on finishing our album. We are very excited to get our debut full length out into the world.

SMC - What does the next six months look like for live performances?

Roxy Roller: We play the Whiskey a Go-Go in L.A in February. We are very thrilled to be sharing the stage with Michael Monroe again. Michael and Hanoi Rocks is a major influence in both style and music.

SMC - What is your favorite 'Go-to' music?

Roxy Roller: Hooks, it’s all about good hooks. I am a huge fan of 80s new wave and 70s glitter rock.
Dave: Stuff that never fails me includes ABBA, Beatles, Ramones. I love a lot of Pop Music from the 70’s and 80’s.

Ziggy: I listen to a wide range of music, but of course New York Dolls and Ramones would top that list. Hanoi Rocks is another, Razzle was such a great drummer. Also Michael Monroe's last 3 solo albums are flat out amazing! I'm also a huge Oasis fan. They may not be considered a punk band but in shear attitude, Noel and Liam are far more punk than people realize. And the songs, my God, the songs!!!

SMC - Have you ever had any cool fan experiences?

Ziggy: Anytime I hear positive feedback from a fan is a cool experience for me! Whether it's someone saying "hey great set" after a show or telling us they play our music all the time at home or in the car, whatever, that's what it's about, we made someone happy with our music and that makes me smile.
Roxy Roller: yeah, like we played a record store once in Denver (Black and Read) and some very young boys got to see us play. They were super excited and wanted all of our stickers to put on their skate boards. We took pictures and signed a bunch of promos for them. You could feel the vivacity and fervor radiating from them, which was refreshing to see. I think they were only about 8 or 10. It was awesome.

Dave: I have had so many amazing experiences over the years but there is one that I always think of. I was on tour in Europe in 2004 with The Mansfields. We were playing in Berlin at Wild at Heart. The place was beyond capacity and the dressing room is at one end of the venue and stage at the other so moving around in there was impossible. So we are in the dressing room when a guy from the venue comes in and says that there is a guy out here who knows us from Colorado. So I asked the guy to bring him in and it turned out to be a German kid from Berlin who had been coming to our local shows in Colorado the previous year. He was an exchange student experiencing his first punk Rock shows in the US and was now back home in Berlin. He said he was waiting months for our show. What a small world this really is.

SMC - Have you ever had any weird fan experiences?

Roxy Roller: Nothing a little “block” couldn’t fix.

Dave: I have a weird fan experience at least once a week. Sometimes it really freaks me out.

SMC - Tell us a little about your thoughts on album releases. We are finding that Artists are seeing it more and more beneficial to release one song as a 'single' prior to their big album releases as opposed to years ago when it was the other way around. Do you also adopt that in place with your releases?

Roxy Roller: I think that releasing one or two singles before a major album is released is helpful. It primes the pump so to speak. Especially as a new band, I think it allows people to get a taste for the band and the direction that the music is going. I think it also generates interest and gets people excited about the album release.

Dave: We have been applying the “every song on our debut album should be a single” theory. We started releasing singles in June 2014. I think we have put out 6 so far. Not all of them are going on the album, and the ones that are have been re-recorded or re-mixed. It has been a super good strategy because unlike releasing an album where maybe one or two songs will get played at radio, every one of those singles have been played and all of them have made their debut on Rodney on the ROQ, Rodney Bingenheimer’s legendary radio show on KROQ Los Angeles. Not bad for a little band from Denver.

SMC - What demographic (age/country) is your loyal fan base so far?

Dave: Man who knows? It’s hard to tell. I’d always like to see more kids at the shows. I’d like to think there is a generation of kids who are connecting with something real, honest and exciting. Loud guitars and high energy never really go out of style.

SMC - Where would be your 'perfect' venue to perform in?

Roxy Roller: I like the Gothic Theatre in Denver. I am not big on playing outdoors or during the day. I like my rock n roll a little darker and dirtier than that.

Dave: Doesn’t matter to me if it’s the stadiums of the world or a Tuff Shed in Medford, Oregon where The Mansfields once had one of the most amazing nights ever. As long as there’s enough people to have a party “we’ll bring the jams” as Spicoli would say.

SMC - Last question: What would you say to the next generation of Recording Artists as words of advice about the industry?

Roxy Roller: I am new to playing music and I’m still learning about the industry myself. My advice would be to play music because you love it first, the rest is just icing on the cake, and a lot of it is out of your control.

Ziggy: Just do what you do. Stick to your guns and don't try to jump on some musical trend.

Dave: Keep the rights to it, get it on the radio and don’t fucking stop. You can’t win it if you ain’t

in it. Mansfield out!


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