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NOHC | November 2015 Artist of the Month Winners!

NOHC - Photo Courtesy of NOHC Management

And just like the very first snowfall, the magic and spark that Indie Artsts NOHC (pronounced: "knock") have brought to the table for Starlight Music Chronicles Second Season of the journey for the Artist of the Month. We have already completed our first three winners circle wrap up in the Starlight Music Chronicles Issue 1 | October 2015 Magazine launch with much enthusiasm and success and already we are gearing up for the December 2015 SMC Artist of the Month competition and the Artist who are submitting have much credential behind their names much like NOHC. 

We are excited to bring a new genre to our Magazine and NOHC is just the band to do it! We won't give anything away in this first intro of their feature except to say that their energy and positive vibe is very enlightening and their enigmatic 'gravity pull' towards the surface of the sun makes them not only a dynamic burst of Energy, they are the first BAND EVER to win the Artist of the Month Competition. So, essentially, they have made Starlight Music Chronicles history with accomplishing this feat!

Let's get to the good stuff shall we?


Interview with Indie Artists NOHC via CA Marshall | Editor | Starlight Music Chronicles

SMC - Can you please give us your full names for your fans or are they Stage Names?
{chose to stick to marketing our stage names}
NOHC- NOHC - NOHC (pron. "knock"), we are an edm trio.  Meet Brandon, "DJ ZML" - DJ/Producer, Suzanne Real – Vocals, and Kris Von – Guitarist/Sampler.

SMC - How old are all the members of the band?
NOHC- uh hemm (cough, cough), 20s now and always :)

SMC - What inspired the name NOHC? I read that it is the chemical make-up of the adrenaline in the human body? It's an amazing name and easy to remember. Can you tell me a little bit more about it?
NOHC- That's exactly what it is.  When we started writing, we went through a few different name ideas.  But when Suzanne mentioned NOHC and its ties to Science and adrenaline, we knew it was the perfect fit for a high energy group like ourselves.

SMC - What is the most fun you've had on stage and at what venue?
NOHC- Every venue is fun for different reasons.  We are still growing and developing as a group, so every live show we play is the most fun because we are finding new ways to present our material and work as a team on stage.

SMC - You played the Dewey Beach Music Conference 2015. Can you tell us a little more about the event and how you felt about the success of your performance there?
NOHC- We were invited to play at Dewey Beach's Popfest earlier in the Summer.  We liked the atmosphere, they gladly liked us and welcomed us for their DBMC 2015 for a 3-day weekend.  NOHC was supposed to play once during that weekend (like most of the 100 acts are "supposed" to).  Then we were put on to play twice.  Then finally they said, "Okay, really, would you, could you play an acoustic set besides your edm performance as well?"  So, we agreed to 3!  Well let us tell you that this lead us to performing 5, yep ... a record total of 5 times in that 3-day weekend. 

SMC - Who do you find is the age group that listens to your music?
NOHC- This is an interesting question because we definitely believe that our core fans are between 18-25, those that enjoy electronic music.  But we want a broader audience and it's why we feel fortunate that we can perform acoustically and appeal to different people and fans of different genres.

SMC - What is your coolest fan experience to date? And....We always like to ask this one: what is your weirdest fan experience?
NOHC- Can answer both of these.  All cool! Nothing weird at all.  To tell ya, we actually become even bigger fans of our fans.  You see, we support our supporters!!

SMC - How do you feel about winning the Starlight Music Chronicles Artist of the Month Competition for November 2015?
NOHC- It's a real honor.  Thank you for creating something inspiring and meaningful @Starlight Music Chronicles.  Music is a great community as it also comes along with great effort and hard work to be noticed.  The support of family, friends, and fans to help give us this title over the other great artists in the running makes us feel great. 

SMC - How do you feel about your fan support?
NOHC- Amazing!  Growing, and we are truly grateful for their all of their love.

SMC - What projects can we look forward to in the near future?
NOHC- We are currently preparing a 4 track remix EP of our single "Here For You", which will include 3 remixes and our first ever acoustic release.

SMC - What song do you feel is your greatest accomplishment to date and why?
NOHC- Every song has found us pushing ourselves to write better, record better, mix better etc., and we feel that we grow every time we put a new track together. Our most recent single "Here For You" is very special because it was written as a dedication and support for our teachers involved with Special Needs Education.  100% of all the sales of the song goes directly to support public education for children in the Autism spectrum between the ages 3 to 18 benefiting the Valley Program Foundation.  We encourage you all to please to to iTunes to search NOHC or simply click here: http://apple.co/1Wxn2bX

SMC - How do you feel about your performance at Webster Hall? That's some pretty serious stuff! Many of the greats have played there.
NOHC-We believe it was our best performance to date.  The energy in the room and the excitement of playing at the famous Webster Hall definitely came through.  Our show has transformed in many ways in the year and half we have been performing and we feel that we are now really finding ourselves and our energy on stage together.

SMC - Do you ever have disagreements as a band?
NOHC- Of course, we are 3 strong personalities with a lot of opinions and passion for what we do.  Everything from songwriting, to set lists, down to the images and pictures that adorn our websites can lead to disagreements.  What is important is that we have strong communication and we can disagree respectfully and come together to get an answer without any bad feelings between members.

SMC - What is your relationship among one another in the band?
NOHC- We are all close...Brandon and Kris have been in a couple of bands together prior to NOHC.  Suzanne and Kris are not only band mates but they are also engaged!

SMC- Can you name 5 things that your fans DON'T know about you?
1. We record and mix all of our tracks at Brandon's home studio.
2. We have 8 songs fully written and recorded but only have 2 released to date.
3. We all play multiple instruments.
4. We all write music and lyrics for the group.
5. Only Brandon had prior experience as a DJ and in electronic music prior to the group forming.

SMC - Who is your ultimate inspiration?
NOHC- The group was founded largely because of Swedish House Mafia and their incredible legacy in the EDM scene.

SMC - Where does the band reside mainly?
NOHC- New York, NY

SMC - How do you feel with support among you industry peer group?
NOHC- Having played at several music fests, we see all the camaraderie and awesome support we all share and have for one another.  We watch their shows and cheer them on as they do for us as well.

SMC - What is the biggest crowd you have performed in front of?
NOHC- Pretty much going back to every venue has its own special feeling about them, we've played for crowds big and small and all.  I guess, we pretty much give you our best performance no matter for who, where, and when. 

SMC - When was the 'Pivitol' moment for the band. Meaning: at what point in time/experience in your career demonstrated to you that NOHC would be the success it is today?
NOHC- When we wrote our first single "Fly," it was the the first track we decided to have Suzanne sing on and the second she brought the lyrics and melodies to the group, we all knew we had something special.

SMC - Any Awards and Accomplishments?
NOHC- We made history w/ an unheard-of 5 total performances in a 3-day perf. weekend at Dewey Beach Music Conference 2015.  And notably, you all for creating this award and us winning it! Thank you to our family, friends, and fans as well as Starlight Music Chronicles for honoring us with SMC's Artist of the Month, November 2015.

SMC - Which country would you say you have your most supportive fan base?
NOHC- The good ol' USA!!

SMC - Are there going to be any collaborations with any other Artists (like a Guest appearance) in any of your songs?
NOHC-We have multiple tracks in the works with our good friend Martron.  He is a super talented Musician and Producer, he contributed a track to our upcoming "Here For You" remix EP, and he has a track in the works featuring Suzanne on vocals.  We also did a remix of "Fly" featuring our boy Stillamess rapping on the bridge.  We perform it live at many of our shows with him.

SMC - What deciding factor for each of you make you decide on the EDM genre?
NOHC-A lot of it came down to our prior bands falling apart and recognizing that it is tough to find committed musicians.  We all enjoy  music and the growing EDM scene and decided that instead of getting 4, 5, or 6 members together for a band, we could work better and more efficiently with the 3 of us, plus be able to have more control over our music since we produce it ourselves.

SMC - How long have each of you been playing?
NOHC- Brandon and Suzanne have been playing most of their lives while Kris has been playing for just over a decade now.

SMC - Have any of the band members performed with any other bands?
NOHC- Yes, before NOHC, Suzanne fronted a blues/rock band simply called 'Suzanne Real' while Kris and Brandon played together in a hardcore band called 'Shake That Bear'.  It was during "Shake That Bear's" performance at the 2012 Bamboozle Festival that Kris and Brandon actually met Suzanne.

SMC - How do you feel about the energy in the Artist of the Month Competition for Starlight Music Chronicles?
NOHC- Love seeing the Artists and all of their supporters engaging and supporting within this channel you created.  It is informative and helpful when it comes to networking.

SMC - How do you feel about competing with 11 other bands/Artists next July for Artist of the Year?
NOHC- Sounds fun!  We all win within the wonderful world of music.  Best of Luck to all the Artists.

SMC - How do you feel about being referred to as SMC Artist of the Month Alumni?
NOHC- Feels nice!  Ahhh, like a league of our own.  jk

SMC - How many years have you been together as a band officially?
NOHC-We have been together as a band for 2 and a half years.

SMC - Any plans for the holidays? Performance-wise?
NOHC- Nothing on calendar.  Please do stay tuned and we're happy to share and talk to you on on any of these:
(NOHC Official Site) http://www.nohcmusic.com/

SMC - What would you say is the most 'unique' quality that your band has that is different from any other band in your genre?
NOHC-Our most unique quality and biggest strength is our "live" aspect and versatility.  DJ's like Tiesto, Avicii, Skrillex, etc. are all very talented, but simply do what they do well, DJ'ing when performing.  We are able to not just DJ but also feature Suzanne's vocals live as well as guitar work, percussion and sampling during live shows.  On top of that, we can easily transition to performing acoustically, another aspect that other DJs can't or won't do at their shows.

SMC - What kind of support have you received from family and friends?
NOHC-Endless support and love from our friends and family.  They see our passion and drive and do what they can to help spread our music to others.

SMC - I am sure you have seen that SMC is affiliated with two amazing organizations: Morgans' Mission and ProjectCuddle what are your thoughts on our support for these organizations and the awareness we are bringing to them through music? Meaning: do you believe that there are many artists who have been faced with these sorts of struggles and can relate on some level to the messages behind these organizations?
NOHC - Individuals in general are constantly faced with struggles.  Many more severe than others.  Whether someone is an artist or not is irrelevant, we are all humans and need to be aware of abuse and bullying and how it affects others.  We feel very fortunate to get to perform on stage and be showcased in publications, but we also recognize that it’s an opportunity to bring people together and promote love and acceptance amongst fans and peers.

SMC - Finally, where do you see ourselves in a year from now?

NOHC - Still performing, just on even bigger stages and to more fans.  We love what we do.

For more information on NOHC, Please check out their Page on Our Website: http://bit.ly/1McsKwU 


  1. Very, very proud of this group! Hats off to NOHC as this is well-deserved! Please like them here :) => https://www.facebook.com/nohcmusic/?fref=ts
    Very cool @Starlight Music Chronicles!! (2 Thumbs wayyyy up) !!

  2. Amaxing talent. NOHC is truly an amazing group and kris and crew are so friendly and kind. Theu rock